Keyboard shortcuts

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Using the keyboard instead of the mouse

Why?: The mouse is a fantastic tool, it is intuitive and simple, however it is not very efficient. Every time you take your hand away from the key board you have to reposition it again. It just slows you down. (Some "real" typists find it hard to do key combinations)

By using keyboard short-cuts and function keys you can enter data much more quickly. Try it for yourself and make up your own mind.

When you do a combination keystroke such as Crtl-C Hold down the Crtl key and press the C once. If you try to do them together, at once, you may get something else!

Shortcut Keys in Sage Line50

Function Shortcut key
Help F1
Open Windows Calculator F2
Pop up invoice item screen F3 same as
Lookup F4 same as
Current System Date F5
Copy previous line / increment F6
Insert a line F7
Delete a Line F8
Calculate Net ( reverse calculate VAT) F9
File F10
Control Panel F11
Report Designer F12

Basic Windows Keys

Function Shortcut key
Select a menu Alt+{underlined letter}
Press a button Alt+{underlined letter}
Cut Crtl+X
Copy Crtl+C
Paste Paste
Open Ctrl+O
Print Ctrl+P
Save Ctrl+S
Select all Ctrl+A
Select (same as mouse click) Spacebar
Move Forward through Tabs Crtl-PgUp
Go to last Tab Crtl-PgDn

Fuller Shortcut Keys in Windows

Function Shortcut key
Activate context-sensitive Help Mode Shift+F1
Activate or inactivate menu bar mode Alt
Access Start button in taskbar Ctrl+Esc
Cancel Esc
Capture active window image to the Clipboard Alt+Print Screen
Capture desktop image to the Clipboard Print Screen
Clear Delete (unless a Delete choice is also provided)
Close Primary Window Alt+F4
Close child window (MDI) Ctrl+F4
Copy Ctrl+C
Cut Ctrl+X
Display contextual Help window F1
Display pop-up menu Shift+F10
Display next primary window (or application) Alt+Tab
Display next window Alt+Esc
Display next child window (MDI) Ctrl+F6
Display next tabbed page or child window (MDI) Ctrl+Tab
Display pop-up menu the for window Alt+Spacebar
Display pop-up menu Alt+Hyphen
Display property sheet for current selection Alt+Enter
Open Crtl+O
Paste Ctrl+V
Print Ctrl+P
Save Ctrl+S
Select all Ctrl+A (
Select (same as mouse button 1 click) Spacebar
Switch to next window within application Alt+F6
Window list (in the system menu) Ctrl+Esc