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It is great that there are so many prewritten reports in Line 50, however, sometimes finding the right one can be a bit of a problem!

To get around this sage have introduced favourites reports, however, we find that this issue also happens with layouts and favourites is not very user friendly. To work around this issue we suggest grouping all the common layouts at the top of each report or layout module.

To do this we simply alter the description of the report, Sage will sort them alphabetically so by prefixing the report description with * or a space it will come before all the others (i.e. be at the top of the list)

The report designer is a powerful tool with lots of options and may seem a bit daunting, however, changing a description is easy.

Select the report you want to change in the appropriate ledger. Press the Edit button to launch the report designer and open the selected report / layout.

In the report designer go to the Tools menu and select options.

Now go to the Document Tab, at the bottom you will see the description of the report.

If you insert a space before the description then (because space comes before ?a?) the report will be at the top of the list. You can also use * and multiple spaces and/or * so you can create lots of different groups.

Having changed the description save the report and close the report designer.

Tip: If you use save as and give the report a new file name, rather than just save, you can have the report appear multiple times in different "sections" depending on what you insert in the way of spaces and *'s before the report description.