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Extracting information from Sage into MS Excel using ODBC

Extracting information from Sage in Excel is relatively simple and gives you superb flexibility and a great deal of scope for additional analysis.

We assume that you have:

  1.     Installed ODBC Drivers
  2.     Configured ODBC Drivers
  3.     Installed MS Query

These links are dynamic, that means that once set up you can refresh them to the latest information.

Simple Extraction of Nominal Ledger Balances

  1. In Excel at the page where you wish to link. Go to data select get external data and new database query.
  2. Select your Sage ODBC Data source
  3. Enter a valid user id and password (if you are not using access rights the user name is MANAGER and the password is your password for getting in to Sage.
  4. In the available tables and columns box located and double click on the entry called NOMINAL_LEDGER.
  5. Select the fields you want to retrieve by double clicking (I suggest ACCOUNT_REF, NAME and BALANCE)
  6. Choose Next, You now have the opportunity to filter your selection
  7. Choose Next, You now have the opportunity to sort your selection
  8. Press the Finish button to return your data to Excel.
  9. Choose the Cell you want as the top left hand area of your table and click OK

Ms Query will now run and get the data and put it into your spreadsheet.

You can update the query at any time by right clicking in the data area and choosing the refresh option. NB. Query can take a while to run.

You can also set up your query to run every time the workbook is opened so that it automatically refreshes itself.