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Dentistry is a vital part of the healthcare industry, with private practices becoming more and more popular.

That isn’t to say it comes without its fair share of stresses. Short staffing and funding cuts to NHS dentistry have hit the sector. While this will make the day-to-day more difficult, it will also make your accounting a strenuous addition to your workload. 

Hemsley Miller has worked with dentists for many years, making sure their accounts are up to date, and they are reimbursed for the costly expenses they accrue over the course of the tax year.

We can help you from the beginning of your practice’s working life. We will inform HMRC of your self-employed status and advise you on how your books can be compliant with HMRC regulations.

Our team will also consult with you on your National Insurance contributions and any tax planning considerations to keep in mind. We will keep a close eye on your cashflow so you know how profitable you are and how profitable you could become.

If you’re a private dental practice owner, we can advise on the best structure to implement to help you stay tax-efficient and maximise your revenue.

There’s no need for your accounts to weigh you down, Hemsley Miller can help.

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