Forensic accountancy

Legal support for you

A legal dispute is almost an inevitability the longer you carry on working. Whether in your business or personal life, when you find yourself in a legal battle, information is vital for the progression of a case.

An accountant is often vital, alongside a lawyer, to find the details you need.

We work with you in these situations, giving you support and advice for your claim or dispute, and helping you to study and interpret the facts.

These areas may include:

  • Personal injury claim
  • Contractual dispute
  • Insurance claim
  • Contested business loss
  • Matrimonial dispute
  • Professional negligence claim
  • Tax enquiry
  • Royalty or copyright dispute
  • Fraud investigation

Our early involvement can often result in the matter being settled out of court. But if there is a need to pursue litigation, we can:


  • Provide the necessary information and documentation to support your case
  • Produce valuations in support of a claim
  • Act as an expert witness in court

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