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VAT investigations on the rise, are you prepared?

VAT investigations are on the rise. According to reports, HMRC raised an extra 32% in tax as a result of VAT investigations last year, much of this stemming from small and medium sized businesses.

How to minimise your tax bill

With the news that HMRC may soon have powers to recover tax directly from your bank account, we offer some advice on keeping your tax bill to a minimum.

EU VAT rules are changing. Are you ready?

From 1 January 2015, the way VAT is charged on e-services, broadcasting and telecommunications services to individual consumers will change. If you supply these services to consumers in the EU, are you ready?

VAT One Business or Two?

A recent #VAT #Tribunal had to decide whether two hairdressing businesses should be treated as a single business for the purposes of #VAT #registration.