A taste of medicine for your finances

Doctors, when was the last time you gave your finances the kind of care and attention you give to your patients?

The chances are you are incredibly busy at work, so it is understandable that other areas may be neglected. But a simple health check could make all the difference to your finances.

Financially, the medical profession is one of the most complex. Whether you are a partner in a practice, sharing income or joint ownership of premises, a consultant or working self-employed your finances will need careful planning and consideration.

Questions to ask when you conduct a financial health check include:

Savings and investments

  • Are your savings on track?
  • Have you found the best possible interest rate?
  • Have you made the most of your ISA allowance?
  • Are your investments structured in the right way?
  • Has your attitude to risk changed lately?
  • Should you adjust your portfolio to reflect this?
  • Do you have a savings goal?


  • Is your income insured?
  • Would your family be protected if something happened to you?
  • What about professional indemnity?
  • Have you considered putting your life insurance in trust?


  • Do you fully understand the details of your NHS pension?
  • When was the last time you received an estimate?
  • Do you need to make additional contributions?
  • Are you likely to exceed the lifetime allowance now it has been reduced to £1.25 million?
  • Do you need to consider Individual Protection?

We can save you time and conduct a full financial health check for you, whatever your circumstances.

Please contact us to arrange a meeting and find out how we can help. You can also call 01494 797 150 or email info@tayloredward.com.

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